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We dig deep into the psyche of the agents and consumers you want, so you can turbocharge your marketing and recruiting right now. 

A stream of insights and executable marketing piped directly into your business, for only $2,500/yr.

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Here's how 1000watt Inside works:

We survey thousands of consumers and agents every month to uncover what they want and need from you.

You get ad and marketing concepts based on that research — ideas you can deploy immediately while your competitors stay stuck.

You access live webinars in which we strategize with you and guide you toward success.

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Dirk Stone

Lead, The Dirk Stone Team

“Every team leader should be a 1000watt Inside member. It has been the best investment I have made in my business this year. 1000watt never disappoints.”

Linda O'Koniewski

CEO, Leading Edge Real Estate

“The single best investment I have made for our company in the last year is joining 1000Watt Inside. The original research and guidance on how to capitalize on it in our local market is pure gold.”

1000watt Inside members also get discounted tickets to our mind-expanding event, Turn On.

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$2,500 per year

For your entire marketing and management team.

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